As part of the Interreg Central Europe project: HoCare 2.0 project – testing of innovative solutions for home care for the elderly, strengthening cooperation between regional systems, the Lombardy region, DG welfare, is organizing 3 webinars (2 hours each) relating to the application of the open innovation, co-creation and quadruple helix concepts in social and health services, and in particular for what concerns the home care of the people over 65 years.

Below, further details:

  • 21st October 2020 (10.00 – 12.00): “Open HoCARE 2.0 transregional public Conference”: The first webinar in English will present the Hocare 2.0 project, its strategy and methodology with a specific focus on Open Innovation and Co creation methods applied at European and regional level. For more info and the agenda, see here.
  • 28th  October 2020:  “Policy Tool and Home Care measure”: the tool to stimulate, manage the co-creation of public health and home care services, involving service providers, government agencies and citizens.
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  • 4th  November 2020: “SME tool”, the tool for delivery of innovative home care solutions for the elderly built on best industrial praxis for ICT in health and social solutions and good practice methodological steps in industrial co-creation.
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