On the European Commission website, the launch of Open Call for the EU-funded project Gatekeeper has recently been announced. The project targets mid-caps, SMEs, start-ups, universities, research and technological centres and European industry The Gatekeeper project is an EU-funded initiative under the Horizon 2020 Framework Programme and it offers up to 600,000 EUR to fund 10 projects which focus on Artificial Intelligence and Big Data with the aim to ensure healthier and more independent lives for older adults. To do so, the objective is to connect healthcare providers, businesses, entrepreneurs, elderly citizens and the communities they live in.

The proposals may address one of the following 6 challenges:

  • Dynamic API injection
  • Risks detection and timely response
  • Informal care coordination system
  • Increasing insights from EHR’s unstructured data (risks prevention)
  • Robot companions against social isolation
  • Embedded ML in Smart Devices

If you wish further information on the Gatekeeper Open Call registration please follow this link.  For more details on the Gatekeeper project please visit the project’s website.