Due to the prolonged pandemic, seniors are more staying at home and less physically active: the results are the raising risk of “frail” and “dementia” as some research reports already showed it. In order to prevent such “Corona-Frail”, which is the second health risk of the pandemic, local governments of Japan are making various efforts.

For example, Nishiwaki-city, located physically in the middle of Japan, with 40,000 residents of which 30% are elderly, dared to organize “in-person” exercise classes specially designed for frail prevention. Needless to say, infection prevention is being thoroughly done, thorough disinfection with smaller size classes securing social distancing. Sasebo-city, which almost the same size and the same ageing rate as Nishiwaki started an initiative to “exchange letters” project by matching the elderly who lived alone and children in need in order to prevent isolation and possible mental depression caused by their situation under Corona pandemic.

Source: https://www.nhk.or.jp/politics/articles/feature/57292.html