The IDIH Week 2021 has been a 4 days online event dedicated to researchers, innovators, care providers and users associations dealing with Digital Health for Active and Healthy Ageing (AHA).

Information, Networking&Matchmaking, and Co-creation sessions have been held between June 1 and June 4, involving the key stakeholders of digital solutions for AHA in Europe and beyond, reaching organizations from Canada, China, Japan, South Korea, USA, and more!

We have gathered, indeed, 272 stakeholders in the field who created their online profile specifying their Area of Activity and/or their expertise request/offer in the Marketplace of the IDIH Week b2match platform.

The platform is now OPEN AGAIN as a long-term matchmaking platform! So, if you are already registered, you can keep schedule and have meetings with your potential international partners whenever you like until December 31, 2021.

If you are not registered yet, you can do it at, then – after creating your online (always editable) profile – you will be enabled to browse the Participants Catalogue and the Marketplace, and request/accept meetings that can be realized via the platform until December 31, 2021.

How to schedule and have a meeting? It’s easy! Visit the page B2B| How it works, you will find step-by-step instructions.

[!] FURTHER GUIDANCE ON HOW TO HAVE B2Bs. Check these instructions that may help you to access the video conference call directly in the b2match platform.

👇 We are delighted to share here some materials, key-highlights and results of the IDIH Week 2021 (June 1 – June 4)! 👇


Info Day | June 1, 2021

The analysis of funding schemes supporting international cooperation in Digital Health and AHA is part of the activities of the IDIH Consortium and provides findings to inform about opportunities for projects and initiatives between the EU and the 5 IDIH strategic countries (China, Canada, Japan, South Korea, and USA).

These information have been collected in 2 Guidebooks, available here:

If you want just some tips from the Guidebooks,  listen to the IDIH podcast, there you’ll find some highlights, besides interviews with experts and policymakers!

During the Info Day, after a briefing on the IDIH project and its latest outcomes, the 2 Guidebooks have been presented by the IDIH Team in detail, providing the participants with an overview of the current funding opportunities there collected.
The full presentation held on June 1 is available 


Partnering Days | June 2-3, 2021

About June 2 | This first partnering day has been dedicated to the presentation of the project ideas and expertise of the participants who registered for having a pitch of max. 5 minutes (22 organizations from 6 regions/countries).


Recording of the session is available here.

Extra materials: video demonstrations not showed on June 2 (Magic Shileds Inc.); full video by Lyxis Co. Ltd.

About June 3 | This second partnering day has been dedicated to B2Bs (one-to-one meetings) already scheduled through the use of this platform. 55 meetings have been scheduled and participants met virtually to evaluate potential cooperation, also under the funding programmes presented during the Info Day.


Innovation Day | June 4th, 2021 

This session has been opened with the presentation of the IDIH Forum and its current results, as part of a first plenary session by the project team and the Experts Groups Chairs. 4 parallel co-creation thematic sessions has followed, each one dedicated to one of the IDIH Strategic Topic:

In order to deepen and integrate the reflection made by IDIH experts on the priorities in the field of Digital Health for Active and Healthy Ageing, that may be suitable for international cooperation, the 4 parallel sessions represented an occasion to open the discussion to a wider community of international experts outside the project.

The co-creation exercise by the participants has been mainly based on listening in detail the priority topics identified by the IDIH Experts and reacting through:

  • Questions to the Chairs of the IDIH Experts Groups
  • Feedbacks to the identified topic priorities (comments in support of the identified priorities, resulting from their expertise)
  • Original contributions (missing priority topics): new priorities that had not been yet identified by IDIH Experts

The full presentation of June 4 and some highlights from the parallel sessions are available here.