On the 20th of May 2021, IDIH Inclusive Living Experts Group organized the annual Workshop of the Group in order to discuss and to define emerging priorities in the domain of Inclusive Living for the Active and Healthy Ageing. Experts from Japan, China, Canada and the US actively shared their knowledge and expertise in this particular domain defining a set of priorities for international collaboration. The main topics of the priorities that were identified after a vivid discussion are the following:

Priority 1: Understanding marginalization connected to ageing and promote targeted and co-created inclusive solutions.

Priority 2: Sharing tools, methodologies and practices in the field of Learning Health Systems to reduce health disparities in elderly populations.

Priority 3: Enhance virtual care by understanding barriers to and opportunities for digital literacy of care professionals/end users, and identifying solutions.

Priority 4: Exploring and using the Tojisha-Kenkyu’ methodology for the involvement of specific groups (such as marginalized groups, new ageing groups etc.)

Priority 5: Integrate data generated from next-generation internet technologies (e.g., AI, IoT, robotics) to inform evidence-based decision making.