The Japanese Prime Minister’s office published the “Annual Report on Ageing Society FY2021”. The report consists of two parts: the first part outlines the current status and situation of ageing Japan (data is from FY2020) and the second part is the policy overview of the measures for the ageing society for FY2021. English version of the Report (summary) will be published later.

Ageing is continuing as the average life expectancy is still growing in Japan. The growth of active healthy life expectancy exceeds the growth of average life expectancy. The employment rate not only in the 60s but also in the 70s of the elderly is higher than before and higher than in other countries. However, on the other hand, comparing to the other countries, Japanese elderlies have much weaker ties to the communities and tend to be isolated. For the time being, the government will focus on measures to prevent the isolation of the elderly under prolonged pandemics, as local activities such as volunteer work for the communities and social activities in the communities are still impossible because of COVID19.