As part of our campaign to highlight and valorize the expertise profiles of the IDIH Community registered in the IDIH Matchmaking Platform, today we bring to your attention: Amine Choukou, Assistant Professor at University of Manitoba/College of Rehabilitation Sciences (Canada).

Illness or injury can keep patients from breathing freely, moving easily or reaching their goals at work or in sport. At the College of Rehabilitation Sciences, patients are helped to increase their capacity for a rich and fulfilling life.

The Rehabilitation Technologies Lab research aims at increasing quality of life and social participation of persons with physical disability or cognitive impairment through the development and implementation of technology-enabled interventions. Here, research is promoted through a partnership between academia, health and industry, stimulating transdisciplinary initiatives between experimental, clinical and theoretical scholars in the fields of Rehabilitation Sciences and Rehabilitation Engineering, both in Canada and abroad.

The Lab is a multidisciplinary research space dedicated to the design and evaluation of innovative health solutions based on smart technologies for older adults and individuals living with physical disability and cognitive impairment.

Sitting at the largest health care centre in Manitoba serving people in Manitoba, northwestern Ontario and Nunavut, the Rehabilitation Technologies Lab research initiatives are aligned with current concerns of the telehealth, creating a unique environment to investigate disruptive ambient assisted living approaches and accelerate the development of new innovative interventions for people living in urban and rural areas and indigenous people living on-reserve.

To contact Amine Choukou from University of Manitoba/College of Rehabilitation Sciences, visit the organization profile: Amine Choukou
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