IDIH’s series of podcasts entitled The future of Happy and Healthy Ageing explores with researchers, innovators and policy makers the frontiers of Digital Transformation for Active and Healthy Ageing, and promotes international cooperation opportunities between the EU and 5 key countries and regions.

Podcast #3 is now out! The one on Integrated Care and USA is now available on various platforms.  This episode will explore the policies, programmes and initiatives supporting Ageing through Digital Health in the United States. Moreover, a specific focus will be on Integrated Care through digital solutions for the older people, starting from the findings of the IDIH Expert Group on Integrated Care.

As a special guest, Giovanna Ferrari, Project Lead representing Pfizer for the project Gravitate Health, a Public-Private Partnership, funded under the Innovative Medicines Initiative, that equips and empowers citizens with digital information tools making them confident, active, and responsive in their patient journey, specifically encouraging safe use of medicines for better health outcomes and quality of life.

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