Sawarabi Group is a complex of medical corporations (NPO), welfare corporations (NPO) and various medical & welfare related service provider businesses.

The origin of the group is the establishment of Yamamoto Hospital in 1962, that has been playing the leading role in the field of dementia care in the community and Japan nation-wide ever since.  Dr. Takayuki Yamamoto, founder of the group, established “three principles of dementia care” in 1973 that has been being inherited today.

Most of all the group’s service facilities are conveniently collectively built on one campus in Toyohashi-city that is located in the centre of main-island of Japan.

The service facilities include hospital (inpatient-wards and outpatient-clinics, and attached medical research institute of its own mostly specialized for geriatric care), rehabilitation centre, nursing homes, assisted-living homes both for seniors and disables, day-care service centres both for seniors and disables. Aa a whole, the group provides comprehensive and integrated senior care services, from medical services to long-term care services, and residential services for senior citizens and the disabled.

Besides, also on the same campus, the group has been running the businesses such as a cleaning factory and a bakery serving the residents on campus, that are creating job opportunities for the disabled people living in the community around the campus.

By creating and providing above-mentioned various clinical and related service, the group has been accumulating a plethora of knowledge and experiences, and also data and information. Based on these, so far, the group has been supporting and helping the local and central governments to make policies, academic researchers to make empirical studies, and senior care industry peer members to design/develop the new and innovative services. Going forward on, as a partner of IDIH, the group would like to lead the digital transformation of senior care industries as a front runner who understands the needs of the patients, the workplace, and the community/society.


Main contact:
Mimi Nishimura