School of Pharmaceutical Sciences (SPS)

The Tsinghua University is one of the top universities in China and worldwide. With a 107-year history, it grows perceptibly in science and engineering. Tsinghua University’s School of Pharmaceutical Sciences (SPS) was established in 2015 to educate new generations of pharmaceutical researchers and professionals, and to conduct innovative research to address world’s significant health issues. Leveraging Tsinghua’s strengths in related disciplines such as chemistry and chemical engineering, material science, medical engineering, and information technology to support digital health issues (e.g. applications on early diagnosis and detection such as health information technology or for connected living etc.). SPS is committed to advancing understanding of unsolved diseases and translating research discoveries and technological developments into novel approaches for the benefits of ageing societies and the challenges health systems face.

It has extensive cooperation relationships with other institutes at Tsinghua University such as the Tsinghua Institute for Data Science aiming at promoting the integration of school interdisciplinary resources of Data Science. The institute has good connections with many stakeholders in the digital health industry e.g. in big data businesses. Currently there are about twelve big data research centres under the institute.

The Tsinghua School of Pharmaceutical Sciences (SPS) Advisory Board was established in 2017 to provide strategic guidance and development support to SPS with an aim to build a world-class research and educational institute, and enhance Tsinghua’s global impact.


Main contact: Qingfei Liu – leader of the SPS group, receive and share the information with the group partners

Mail: liuqf(at)