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IDIH project aims at enhancing international collaboration in the field of digital transformation for Active and Healthy Ageing (AHA). As part of this, one of the main activities of the project has been setting up an expert-driven “Digital Health Transformation Forum”, which is expected to become a long-lasting mechanism for international dialogue in digital health. The Forum consists of 4 Expert Groups, each focusing on key topics in this domain: Preventive careIntegrated care, Independent and connected living, Inclusive living.

Expert Groups had gathered together in workshops to define potential priorities for international collaboration, to investigate collaboration pathways and provide recommendations within each of the four groups. Inclusive Design of digital solutions for Active and Healthy Ageing has been identified as a crucial aspect encompassing almost all key-priority topics identified, as such the webinar will tackle this subject. The main objective of this webinar is to present innovative approaches and methodologies for the inclusive design of digital solutions for the Active and Healthy Ageing Domain. Therefore, our webinar is planned to address several critical issues, such as end-users involvement/engagement in the design process and the methodologies and approaches to addressing the needs of the older people in the design process.

This webinar is free of charge and is addressed to engineers, end-users representatives, practitioners, anthropologists, sociologists etc. that are involved in the development process of systems and tools for older persons. The participants of this webinar will be able to discuss interesting topics with our experts, address their questions and share their experiences!


Speakers’ presentations available HERE.

Webinar video recording available HERE