We are proud to announce the publication of the second – Christmas –  edition of IDIH MAG!

The newsletter contains a multitude of news and information. Few difficult months have passed since our first edition, and even if we are trying to tackle a broader set of subjects, you will find still a focus on COVID-19, especially on initiatives needed to pass from emergency to a more structural resilience, also in view of a second level crisis generated by the pandemics: the disruption of mental health services.

Within IDIH, the debate around AHA is shifting towards the importance of well-being and preventive and integrated care. You will find, therefore, different articles and interviews with Experts highlighting these issues, some feedback from the European Week of Active and Healthy Ageing and its links with WHO’s Decade of Healthy Ageing aimed to improve the lives of older people, their families, and the communities in which they live.

We really recommend you to leaf through this second edition of the IDIH MAG, which is available for download in the Newsletters section of this website and also by clicking on the following link.

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