Digital Health Transformation Forum

Collaboration relies on the involvement of stakeholders concerned by the area. For this reason, IDIH is setting up an expert-driven “Digital Health Transformation Forum”, consisting of the following four IDIH Expert Groups:

The “Digital Health Transformation Forum” is expected to become a long-lasting mechanism for international dialogue in digital health.

As the IDIH project aims to establish a collaborative and open approach for the international expert cooperation, experts, including the Expert Group Chairs, are selected via an open call. Each Expert Group consists of at least six members from the EU and all Strategic Partner Countries, who are selected with respect to their expertise in alignment with the pre-selected focus topics, ensuring a good representation of all major stakeholder groups of the IDIH project (research, technology, industry, innovation facilitators, user associations, etc.).

The four Expert Groups will undertake collaborative actions in four selected focus topics: (Preventive care, Integrated care, Independent and connected living, Inclusive living). Mutual learning and knowledge exchange between countries and regions addressed by the project will be ensured. Synergies and promising avenues, as well as open issues for all countries and regions addressed by IDIH will be discussed and exploited. A major result of the expert-driven work will be the development of a roadmap Towards international cooperation in digital health for future collaboration in priority areas, pointing to suitable potential funding schemes.

Involvement of other stakeholders in the Digital Health Transformation Forum

The open and collaborative approach will ensure the involvement of research, technology and innovation (RTI) and policy stakeholders, as well as user associations where relevant.

  • Policy makers and funding agencies

IDIH aims to keep the funding agencies thoroughly involved in the processes implemented by the Digital Health Transformation Forum and its Expert Groups. As such, all national funding agencies engaged in the project will be informed and made aware of the work to be implemented by the Expert Groups, and after each Expert Group workshop, the funding agencies from the Strategic Partner Countries will meet with the relevant Commission officials in Brussels.

The reports produced by the Digital Health Transformation Forum will be addressed mainly to policy makers and funding agencies of all engaged countries and regions, while dedicated chapters will provide clear suggestions per topic of interest.

  • Involving patients’ associations, representatives of older citizens interest groups and care providers

Representatives of ‘end users’ of the most relevant initiatives will be selected and invited to give their regular input and feedback on the work implemented by the Digital Health Transformation Forum. Their input will be taken into account for the development of the successive iterations of the roadmap produced.

Interested to learn more about the constitution and actions of the Expert Groups?

The call for application for experts officially closed.

If you are interested to learn more about how the selection progress has been organised and the actions the Expert Groups are expected to drive, you may check out the Call for Experts flyer and the related Terms of Reference.

In line with General Data Protection Regulations (Regulation n°2016/679, GDPR), the data that has been collected through the applications are kept completely confidential and were used exclusively for the purpose of recruiting Expert Group members.

Expert Group Topics

Preventive care

Focus: Early diagnosis and detection

Integrated care

Focus: Using new technologies to redesign, coordinate and integrate health and social services and place citizens, patients and seniors at the centre of health systems.

Independent and connected living

Focus: Tele-monitoring via smart home and living technologies

Inclusive living

Focus: Helping the elderly feel more connected socially