Digital Health Transformation Forum

Collaboration relies on the involvement of stakeholders concerned by the area. For this reason, IDIH will set-up an expert-driven “Digital Health Transformation Forum”, consisting of four IDIH Expert Groups.

These Expert Groups will undertake collaborative actions in the selected four strategic topics (Preventive care; Integrated care; Independent and connected living; Inclusive living). This open and collaborative approach will ensure the involvement of RDI and policy stakeholders, as well as user associations where relevant. The “Digital Health Transformation Forum” is expected to become a long-lasting mechanism for an international dialogue in digital health.

IDIH will set up and operate a Digital Health Transformation Forum, consisting of four IDIH Expert Groups. Each Expert Group shall focus on a specific topic, and exchange in areas and topics of collaboration in digital health domains, thus ensuring mutual learning and knowledge exchange between countries and regions addressed by the project.

This way, synergies and promising avenues, as well as open issues for all countries and regions addressed by IDIH shall be discussed and exploited and concrete measures for collaboration and next steps needed for enhancing successful collaboration in priority areas through the development of a Roadmap shall be proposed.

Expert Group Topics

Preventive care

Focus: Early diagnosis and detection

Integrated care

Focus: Using new technologies to redesign, coordinate and integrate health and social services and place citizens, patients and seniors at the centre of health systems.

Independent and connected living

Focus: Tele-monitoring via smart home and living technologies

Inclusive living

Focus: Helping the elderly feel more connected socially

These topics are to be confirmed through analysis and consultation steps and might still change.

More information about each of the Expert Groups shall be published soon.