Inclusive living

Focus: Helping the elderly feel more connected socially / healthy living

Healthy environments bolster healthy individuals. In the aging population, a component of healthy living is inclusivity, promoting positive social engagement, and ensuring a rewarding social aspect to age.

Current State: There are various technologies that support inclusive living, including those that act as communication platforms for the elderly. These platforms work to connect family members, caregivers, and those being cared for. Isolation, and consequently depression and despondency, are critical concerns in the aging community. Using tech to breed a sense of inclusion, and worth, will go a long way for health outcomes. Simple things like geolocated social networks can have a large impact.

IDIH project focus: IDIH project will examine in depth a number of existing technologies and platforms in order to define the requirements for international collaboration on developing innovative platforms and solutions to support elderly people in their everyday life. By combining the functionalities of online service, retrieval and composition with respect to healthcare and wellbeing with those of an online social network, such a platform will provide an integrated online environment for elderly peopled in particular help to bridge the gap between professional and voluntary peer-to-peer service offerings and communication between family members.

Our Inclusive Living experts: 

  • Matthew Lariviere, University of Sheffield (EU)
  • Dr Mandy Salomon, Mentia Inc. (USA)
  • Dr Habib Chaudhury, Simon Fraser University (Canada)
  • Dr AJ Chen, West China Hospital (China)
  • Dr Roland Wilson, George Mason University (South Korea)
  • Dr Satoko Hotta, Keio University (Japan)