Integrated Care

Focus: Using new technologies to redesign, coordinate and integrate health and social services and place citizens, patients and seniors at the centre of health systems

Every unique individual represents the core of health solutions and services. Technology in the integrated care domain is intended to provide support at the point of care, anytime and anywhere. This type of innovation includes data sharing between relevant users, and seamless interoperability of devices, tools and care providers.

Current State: Tech that can bring other services to a singular point will flourish in this developing market. Whether connecting devices to offer personal health insights, making scheduling and coordinating with caretakers more seamless, or automating once laborious processes, integrated care will be at the heart of impactful innovation in this space. Ease of use and functionality will be a key element to ensuring proper patient engagement and adoption, leading to future commercial success. Solutions can be developed and promoted on both the consumer and provider side with different pricing and services offered allowing user acceptability.

IDIH project focus: Work to be done will focus on new and innovative technologies for the following application areas:

  • For the individual: tools to enable them to manage their own health conditions and/or care and support arrangements, getting information, advice, peer support etc.;
  • For professionals: information sharing, shared records and assessments; happening in places but much nervousness about information governance issues;
  • For organisations: in communicating and engaging with the public they serve crowdsourcing etc.