We are very happy to announce that the second episode within the IDIH podcast: The Future of Ageing Actively and Happily is now available on Spotify!

This second episode starts by presenting the findings of the IDIH Expert Group. Following, it focuses on the area of Preventive Care through digital solutions for Active and Healthy Ageing (AHA). Then, we’ll bring your attention to Canada, as a strategic country in the framework of Digital Health for AHA, exploring Canadian policies, programmes and initiatives in the field.

Experts, researchers, policymakers and advocacy organizations have contributed as special guests in this episode, enjoy!

Each episode focuses on Digital Health Cooperation for Preventive, Integrated, Independent and Inclusive Living, and a strategic region of the world: Europe, China, Canada, Japan, South Korea, and the USA.

Our podcasts explore with researchers, innovators and policymakers the frontiers of Digital Transformation for Active and Healthy Ageing, and promote international cooperation opportunities between the EU and 5 key countries and regions.

Listen to IDIH Podcast #2 here