The ICU4COVID project that brings together 19 partners from 6 EU Member State is aimed at deploying and testing the CPS4TIC – a Cyber-Physical System for Telemedicine and Intensive Care that results from the Thalea pre-commercial procurement –  at large-scale, in 8 intensive care unit (ICU) Hubs, involving more than 30’000 patients per year with a coverage of approximately 60 Million citizens.

The ICU4COVID consortium of German, Austrian and Portuguese ICU Hubs has launched an Open Call Proposal for giving 100.000€ of grants to other peripheral hospitals around Europe that want to deploy the CPS4TIC telemedicine console and smart bedside and be integrated in one of the ICU Hubs.

The console ensures efficient and effective diagnosis and treatment of COVID-19 patients, while reducing the risk of infection, and enables central ICU and connected ICUs in peripheral hospitals to operate more efficiently together.

In this way, hospitals that are more exposed to pandemics, can increase their preparedness for outbreaks of COVID-19 and comparable infectious diseases.

Deadline for hospitals to apply is 31 October 2021 through this online form: