As part of our campaign to highlight and valorize the expertise profiles of the IDIH Community registered in the IDIH Matchmaking Platform, today we bring to your attention: Ercan Küçükarslan, BOSEV, Research Foundation

Buyuk Ortadogu Saglik Ve Egitim Vakfi (BOSEV, Research Foundation) was founded as an umbrella structure in 2009 by a group of professionals working in the medical field, additionally from other sectors like education, sports, the business world, and ICT. BOSEV aims to support research developments in the medical and the education sector with its rich staff capacity and high profile background. In regards to this aim, BOSEV hosts medical publications with periodical medical magazines; has 50 management board professionals and 100 members providing ongoing, varied voluntary support; and transfers experience and capacity of over 1000 staff working in hospitals, medical centres, clinics and in a media company. Because of an intention to solve ICT based needs in all facilities, BOSEV formed its own ICT Solution Department (ISD) inside the Foundation.

BOSEV has great knowledge of staff training locally, and aims to enrich EU based partnerships with this experience: i.) completed ‘Below the knees disease’ KA2 VET project – aimed at surgeons; ii.) began a new project ‘TOOLS4BRAIN’ in order to form training for caregivers responsible for individuals facing brain injury; iii.) joined a consortium producing a toolkit to validate skills of professionals working in the voluntary sector; iv.) Healthy project is under the Foundation coordination – just finished, which is another important opportunity for BOSEV to coordinate KA204 Adult SP Project; v.) partner in another one related to Digital Health Literacy for Older People that is ongoing

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