The European Commission recently published the Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare report which provides an overview of national strategies, the uses and plans for AI in healthcare, and stakeholder views.

The report outlines the development, adoption and use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies and applications in the healthcare sector across all Member States. The study also focuses on identifying and addressing any issues that might be hindering the wider adoption of AI technologies in the healthcare sector. Finally, the study has highlighted 6 categories where the European Commission is suggested to focus to support the development and adoption of AI technologies in the healthcare sector across the EU.

In parallel, the European Commission published countries factsheets: they give an overview of the current situation in terms of development and use of AI in the healthcare sector in each EU Member state. The factsheets also identify any differences that might bring to light specific challenges and obstacles to the wider adoption across the EU.

Learn more about the report and factsheets.

Download the report HERE.

Download the factsheet HERE.