Founded in 1987, Athens Technology Center is an Information Technology Company (SME) offering solutions and services targeting specific sectors incl. Media, Health, Banking and Retail Sectors, Utilities and Public Sector Organisations as well as horizontal solutions focusing on Content Management, Web Applications, Human Capital Resource Management, eLearning and Mobile Applications. The activities of the Company span several countries in the EU, Eastern Europe, USA, CIS countries, as well as the Balkans and South East Asia. ATC has always been in the forefront of technological developments participating in international professional bodies and associations, which formulate the research and development agendas of the future. All ATC own products and services are based on early prototypes and/or “proof of concept” obtained through R&D Projects, whether funded by the Company, the Greek State or the European Commission. The ATC Innovation carries more than 25 years of expertise in Research and Development. Having incubated most of the current commercially oriented ATC business units, we are committed to continue along this successful path: discover or conceptualize innovation first, then turn it into working systems through intense and continuous involvement in cutting-edge research projects. The focus is primarily given in areas that can offer the next big advance to ATC’s commercial offerings, but also in discovering new domains and create the next company targets.

Core Competence: ICT Technologies (Big Data, Data analytics, Blockchain, et.), New Product Development, Turing R&D into products, networking and engagement with the corporate ecosystem.


Main contact: George Zissis – Senior Project Manager

Mail: g.zissis(at)